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We are now taking orders for spring shipping. If you order now they will begin shipping in April on a first serve basis. It’s best to order now because in May we may be out of stock.


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pictures of goji berry plants

Because these are root stock cuttings from mature plants even the one year root stock goji berry plant will produce berries the first year.  The older the root stock the more foliage and the more berries.

When your root stock arrives it will be in somewhat of a dormant state. Simply plant in a good potting mix and begin to water. They are very easy to grow. Or you can plant these directly into the ground. Like any other plant they are seasonal and will only begin to produce foliage in spring. You can start them in a container and then  transplant them outside if you’d like. In most areas around July-August they will produce flowers and berries. They will continue until the first frost.

Growing Goji Berry Plants is very easy and they will grow just about anywhere and even in poor soil. Fertilize them like any other plant with a natural organic fertilizer. Both berries and leaves have wonderful nutritional value.


This is a one year old goji root stock plant during fruiting season. Not as many berries as two year old plants but it does fruit the first year


You’re purchase helps us raise money for our long term dog boarding facility and makes it possible for us to offer discounts to military personnel. We offer a loving home environment while they are away from their fur family. We also rescue and foster whatever dogs we can as well as provide support for local rescues. Don’t Shop- Adopt! Thank you for your support.


This is a Two year Bare Root after only Two Months planted in spring


Goji berry plant roots are shipped priority mail and we ship once a month. Your order could ship anywhere from 14-35 days. We are working hard to ship these sooner but many factors can play a part in shipping the best and most healthy root stock.

We now have a secure store for our plants! Before you order please read this….   root stock sizes vary, some very long, some shorter, however the age of the root stock is still whatever age you order.  When you plant it, depending on the time of year and season it will take several weeks for it to get leaves. Although it will flower and fruit the first year, the second year is when you will notice the most growth. As with any fruit bush or tree you need to give it time to adjust and flourish in its new home.

We want you to be happy. If you get your root and you are not you may return it for a refund, however we can not accept a return after 3 days of receiving your plant. Please follow the instructions carefully. I am always available by email and happy to answer as many questions as you need for the life of your plant. I will work hard with you to have success in growing goji. You have my promise! Now let’s place and order, shall we?

We are now taking orders for Spring 2013. We have limited availability but

We have stopped shipping for the winter. If you are still waiting for your order you WILL get it this month and the best time to plant is the fall so please don’t worry.  If you would like an email notice when we start shipping in the March 2014 please add your name to the newsletter on the right of the blog.

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  1. Jackie says:

    Do you ship now in December?

  2. Shirley Jay says:

    Are you in California? CAlifornia will not allow any live plants shipped in, only seeds. However I would like to buy some bare root plants— to plant in March ASAP. Thank you. Excited to see these new berries. Thanks Shirley

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