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We had a successful tropical fruit tree business in South Florida shipping trees across the US for people who owned greenhouses or wanted to grow tropical fruit trees (citrus, banana, mango, etc.) in zones outside of sub-tropical areas. This meant special packing, shipping and providing growing support for our customers. Each situation is unique and we were very committed to help them achieve their goals.

My main business is Dog Boarding and providing services for long term dog boarding- Military, Government workers on assignment and families in transition. We also provide dog camp for local doggies. In order to continue to provide discounted services and rescues we need to expand. Part of our expansion is to fence in a large area to build a dog park. So I decided to grow something to help raise the money for this very special project. Our extra projects help us keep these fees low and hire help.

I love a challenge and love growing plants that are healthy and nutritional. My own hobby farm has lots of fruit and nut trees worked into the landscaping. I discovered Goji Berry some years ago and began researching it. I couldn’t find any reliable resources. I was aware of the health benefits and very interested in obtaining fresh berries but the price was just too high. After my research I knew I could grow them in Virginia ( Zone 7 ) and they would tolerate cold climates. But I planted a few seeds outside, in containers trying to stimulate their natural environment ) Tibet and China and I am still waiting for them to germinate! lol- I now grow them successful if a heated greenhouse using a special soiless mix, grow lights and organic fertilizers. But the biggest stimulator of all is FAITH! I really wanted and needed this.

So now we are growing Goji seedlings for sale. Unfortunately we don’t have larger plants because no matter how many I grow they fly out of here! This season we will be holding back some inventory to start a grove and hope in the future to start grafting trees.

In addition I operate a small scale dog boarding business here on my hobby farm. www.dancingcreekfarm.com and we have a great rescue program with a high adoption rate. Our growing projects help us install fencing and provide care for dogs that really need it.

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  1. I suspect you will have the same problem growing these in Fla., as we have had here in Ar.. 🙁 Too much humidity, not enough cold.Bryce, FT

  2. Chris says:

    Can I have success growing goji berry vine is zone 6? Cincinnati oh I am getting ready to start up my seed tables and lamps. I would love add a few of these vines to my collection if they can survive up north! Thank you so much! Also, when should I order
    I am thinking I would not plant them here until spring? Chris. Sounds like you have an awesome life. Somehow I came across your site and sure glad I did!!!

    • admin says:

      You can absolutely grow them where you are! You can plant them any time but I suggest the spring between and fall if you’re planting in the ground. Or plant them in a container and plant in the ground later. They grow fine whichever way!

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