Fruiting Age Goji Berry Plants For Sale- New News PLEASE READ

We are now taking orders for Spring 2014 shipping.   If you would like an email notice when we start shipping in the April 2014 please add your name to the newsletter on the right of the blog.

If you order before April you will be first in line. This doesn’t mean you’ll get it the first week in April but we are shipping first come basis. But We do promise to ship.

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We sell mature Goji Berry Root Stock. These are not seedlings. You will get a mature piece of root that will sprout and produce fruit the first growing season if you follow our directions. I am always available to help you successfully grow them for the LIFE of your plant.

We sell one year & two year root stock. The older the root the bigger the plant and the more fruit it produces. These are very easy to grow. They grow almost anywhere.

We started selling goji berry roots to help raise money for our military dog fostering program. We offer a big discount to board their beloved pets while they are deployed. We thank you for your support!

Because these are root stock cuttings from mature plants even the one year root stock goji berry plant will produce berries the first year.  The older the root stock the more foliage and the more berries.

When your root stock arrives it will be in somewhat of a dormant state. Simply plant in a good potting mix and begin to water. They are very easy to grow. Or you can plant these directly into the ground. Like any other plant they are seasonal and will only begin to produce foliage in spring. You can start them in a container and then  transplant them outside if you’d like. In most areas around July-August they will produce flowers and berries. They will continue until the first frost.

Growing Goji Berry Plants is very easy and they will grow just about anywhere and even in poor soil. Fertilize them like any other plant with a natural organic fertilizer. Both berries and leaves have wonderful nutritional value.

This is a one year old goji root stock plant during fruiting season. Not as many berries as two year old plants but it does fruit the first year


You’re purchase helps us raise money for our long term dog boarding facility and makes it possible for us to offer discounts to military personnel. We offer a loving home environment while they are away from their fur family. We also rescue and foster whatever dogs we can as well as provide support for local rescues. Don’t Shop- Adopt! Thank you for your support.

This is a Two year Bare Root after only Two Months planted in spring


Goji berry plant roots are shipped priority mail and we ship once a month. Your order could ship anywhere from 14-35 days. We are working hard to ship these sooner but many factors can play a part in shipping the best and most healthy root stock.

We now have a secure store for our plants! Before you order please read this….   root stock sizes vary, some very long, some shorter, however the age of the root stock is still whatever age you order.  When you plant it, depending on the time of year and season it will take several weeks for it to get leaves. Although it will flower and fruit the first year, the second year is when you will notice the most growth. As with any fruit bush or tree you need to give it time to adjust and flourish in its new home.

We want you to be happy. If you get your root and you are not you may return it for a refund, however we can not accept a return after 3 days of receiving your plant. Please follow the instructions carefully. I am always available by email and happy to answer as many questions as you need for the life of your plant. I will work hard with you to have success in growing goji. You have my promise! Now let’s place and order, shall we?

We have stopped shipping for the winter. If you are still waiting for your order you WILL get it this month and the best time to plant is the fall so please don’t worry.  If you would like an email notice when we start shipping in the March 2014 please add your name to the newsletter on the right of the blog.

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Thank you for your support!

Waiting for Lowes to deliver supplies to complete the second double dog cabin. Finally after having to wait almost 6 months for the funds! This expansion allows us to afford to offer discount boarding to military families and families who must travel overseas to work. This expansion is possible due to the sales of Goji Berry plants! Thank you to those who supported this project. We actually had to expand a lot of things, including how we ship Goji. We shipped almost 200 goji berry plants for March!  We will continue to sell Goji and will also be selling other wonderful plants year around. If you’d like updates, coupons and specials please go to our store and add your name to the mailing list.

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Blood Before Goji After Goji

Acid is for Batteries, Not for Healthy People. Dr. Victor A. Marcial-Vega Renowned Oncologist and Medical Researcher–John Hopkins trained. Clinical Study of Goji reducing the Acidity in the blood
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What do do when your plant arrives.


When your seedling arrives the root ball will be wrapped in plastic and it will be moist. Then it is wrapped to protect it. Very carefully unwrap your plant. You should have a 1 or 5 gallon container. I prefer using a non-soil mix containing peat and perlite.  It’s best not to use soils that contain fertilizers or use fertilizers right way. Carefully plant your seedling and water heavily. Make sure your pot has drain holes and your soil mix is a well draining mix.

Although your goji berry plant will one day withstand winter temps, now is not the time to throw it outside. At first keep it indoors at a moderate temp buy a sunny window. After a week or two you can start to take it outdoors but avoid extreme temps.  Contrary to what you may read Goji Berry Plants do not like high temps or sub-tropical above 90 degrees. This doesn’t mean that once your plant is establish it can’t handle a few hot months. This is why I recommend growing Goji Berry plants in a container the first year or two.

Goji can successfully grow and even fruit in a container, however you’ll have more success planting it outside once its established. They can get huge and provide you and the birds with a healthy snack.  Goji berry plants will flourish in zones 7 and above. Some people more south have been known to grow them but heat will damage them. They also are more productive if allowed to winter over. Just be sure to mulch heavily in winter, especially the first few years. I sometimes make a clear plastic tent for my figs and place it on around Feb to get them to leaf sooner. I think this would also be a great idea for goji berry plants.

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Do You Have Any Questions about Our Plants or Growing Goji?

I am happy to answer your questions about growing Goji Berry Plants and how to care for your products. Please type your question below in our comments section.



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TLC- How Goji Berries Work

“Goji berries — pronounced “go-gee” — are a recent hot commodity in the increasingly trendy high-end health food industry. These delicate red berries, traditionally grown in the Himalayan valleys of China, Mongolia and Tibet, as well as in the Xingjiang and Ningxia provinces of China, have been featured on Oprah, and celebrities like Madonna, Mischa Barton and Elizabeth Hurley are swearing by them. Numerous goji berry products have appeared on the market, promising youth, good health, cancer-fighting abilities and an increased sex drive. A Google search for “goji berry” yields 378,000 results, many of them for various products containing goji berries or goji berry “extract” (juice). So are goji berries a miracle “superfood,” just another product of the hype machine or something in between? Let’s find out.” read more here

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